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On 15 august 2021, the Taliban entered the Kabul presidential palace to claim sovereignty of the whole country. After more then 20 years of insurrection and war since their first fall in 2001, the Taliban […]

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso, is suffering from an expanding conflict. The violence, affecting thousands of civilians, is mostly taking place in the north of the country. Some targeted attacks have also taken place in the capital city, […]

Man at sea

Vos Hestia Is the name of the rescue ship sent off to the limits of the Libyan waters, from Sicily, to save refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean sea to Italy. This summer, on the […]

Crime Bluff

  Crime Bluff Pine Bluff, also known as Crime Bluff, is the 2nd most criminal city of the US after Detroit.With 50 000 population, this Arkansas town’s center looks more like a ghost town then […]


Exodus From Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Yemen, thousands have fled their homes for a better future. Between Bodrum and Kos, at the Hungarian-Serbian border or in Jordan’s refugee camps, I have had the opportunity to […]

Gudiparan bazi

March 2006 Before the war began, Gudiparan bazi (kite flying) was a common hobby of many Afghans throughout Afghanistan. It was a form of sport that many took to the status of art. From the […]

Sinjar Free

November 2015 The November Sinjar offensive was a combination of operations of Kurdish Peshmerga, PKK, and People’s Protection Units forces in November 2015, to recapture the city of Sinjar from the Islamic State of Iraq and […]

Azad Bombay

Azad Maidan Azad Maidan is a trangular-shaped cricket ground located in south Bombay. The name Azad means “free” in Hindi . The ground is known for its cricket pitches, for protest meetings, and for political […]

Tripoli Falling

22 august 2011 Sent by the European Broadcasting Union for a month in Libya in august 2011 to cover the conflict for live tv transmission, my colleagues and I entered the city of Tripoli on […]


November 2005 The road to Band-i-Amir. The Buddhas of Bamyan. Russian left overs.