Man at sea

Vos Hestia

Is the name of the rescue ship sent off to the limits of the Libyan waters, from Sicily, to save refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean sea to Italy. This summer, on the 9 june 2017, a mission led by the organization Save the Children, saved a total of 216 people (25 non-accompanied minors, a new born baby and 4 little children) and brought them back to Italy.
The first rescued dingy was host to 150 people departed from the region of Tripoli. After 20 hours aboard, the mostly West African group (Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea) was saved in deep waters and boarded onto the Vos Hestia to continue the journey towards Europe.
The second boat had about 60 people on board from Syria, Egypt and Erythrea and had departed from the region of Misrata. They also spent about 20 hours at sea before being rescued. The survivors on this boat had come through the “east” African immigration route.